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September 18, 2009


MetanoiaX Audiocast Productions

The project “MetanoiaX” from Munich got its name back in 2007. At this point in time it was decided that the project should be more than just a live act.

Yosh & Boe, the guys behind this project originally started together to make music in 1999. MetanoiaX has previously had some releases on FOEM and FreieSeelen as well as putting on various live performances. The live performances are generally more Techno orientated but the produced tracks do touch other styles like Ambient and Electro.

MetanoiaX also have a collection of live videos on their myspace, I seriously recommend checking them out, click here to check out the collection.

If you wish to book MetanoiaX for a gig or event you can contact them by emailing:


[AUDCST008] – Empty Space
[AUDCST013] – Various Artists – RTTS Remixes
[AUDCST014] – Humping The Leg
[AUDCST021] – Wall & Sky Part 1
[AUDCST025] – Wall & Sky Part 2
[AUDCST042] – Trip To Nowhere EP
[AUDCST059] – Sector


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